Practice | Finance & IT

PULSAR´s finance excellence practise is an integrated method of aligning company resources, organization and technologies to create added value. The service-portfolio is very comprehensive. It ranges from cost management and transactional support to tools for financial restructuring and IT implementation support. PULSAR is looking back at many years of experience and offers its clients tailor-made finance excellence advice and functional ERP project implementation support.

IT Project-Management

“External, functional Project-Management is key for successful ERP implementation projects.” Armin Ettwig

The implementation of an ERP system is probably one of the most challenging tasks for companies and their employees as it is different from the day to day routines. Therefore more and more companies trust in external implementation experts, that act as a link between the company and their ERP-System providers. The implementation experts compensate the lack of functional and process knowledge on the end of the service providers and the missing project-management know-how as well as the limited timely availability of internal company resources. Due to that the implementation experts contribute to a smooth sequence of events within the ERP implementation process and the successful completion of the project on time and cost. The implementation experts of PULSAR are either consulting on demand on specific issues during the implementation process or on interim basis and are able to support on ERP projects of various sizes. It is common sense that ERP projects do not fail in the concept phase, but in the implementation. Focusing on avoiding that PULSAR partners secure the success of the project and thereby contribute to the realization of the benefits expected from the ERP software.

These include:

  • Reduced costs
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Top-down view of entire business
  • Powerful business insights
  • Reduced errors
  • Enhanced labor productivity
  • Easier regulatory compliance

Financial Restructuring

PULSAR’s financial restructuring approach is focused on optimizing the balance sheet. PULSAR partners support professionally and have valuable contacts with investors and banks:

  • Restructuring of liabilities by renegotiation of credit and loan engagements
  • Restructuring of equity aiming at strengthening capital and liquidity base
  • Operational restructuring accompanied by creation of cash-flow analysis
  • Heading all communication with lenders and other stakeholders
  • Development of customized financing models and mediation of contacts to investors
  • Project management to ensure successful turnaround

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Companies rely on management information that is collected monthly across the business from diverse sources. It is then aggregated, analysed (at significant cost) and finally presented as a static monthly report. In today’s fast-moving environment, decision-making needs timely data, interactive dashboards and clear reports. Until now, Business Intelligence & Analytics has been the preserve of large corporations.

Extracting value from your data, PULSAR Business Intelligence partners bring new cost-effective tools such as Power BI to support decision makers in the following areas:

  • Replace complex interlinked excel spreadsheets with robust reporting tools
  • Replace static reporting with interactive Dashboards and Reports, offering drill-down functionality
  • Improve cost-efficiency and clarity of existing reporting processes
  • Centralise financial and non-financial information on a unified, multi-device, web-based platform
  • Improve granularity, moving from monthly data reporting to daily or weekly dashboards
  • Bring clarity and extract financial value from non-financial data e.g. Purchasing (suppliers, volumes, prices), Customers (geographical sales, profitability), Operations (product volumes, productivity, utilization rates, waste etc), HR (headcount, salaries, absenteeism) etc.

Depending on the size and complexity of the organisation, PULSAR can rapidly deploy such tools as part of Transaction Services or Financial Restructuring, generating immediate results.

Best-Practice Cost Management

PULSAR initiates and/or supports the restructuring of cost along the company’s value chain. The subsequent implementation of a professional and sustainable cost management structure by PULSAR Partners is focusing on preserving already achieved cost reductions:

  • Analysis and optimization of cost of supplies
  • Analysis and optimization of operating cost
  • Analysis and optimization of financial expenditures
  • Implementation of effective cost control tools to secure savings
  • Organizational consulting and implementation support