Practice | Innovation Management

Constant innovation is key for a successful company development in today´s digital and global markets. Only clearly defined Innovation initiatives and processes enable and motivate all team members to proactively contribute to the company´s and its product´s developments releasing its full potential. PULSAR Consulting assists companies to design and implement a customized company specific innovation plan, innovation initiatives and/or an innovation process as an intrinsic part of the business strategy.

Innovation Management 2.0

Market-driven innovations are essential for the differentiation from competition and to ensure continued success. Based on many years of project experience, PULSAR Consulting has developed the holistic Innovation Process Engineering (IPE) approach.

The software-tool based process has provided multi-industry clients with a best-in-class innovation management system, designed for a timely and non-invasive implementation:

  • Innovation Strategy Development
  • Identification, classification and definition of innovation sources
  • Definition of a valuation grid and sourcing/sales guidelines
  • Implementation of stage-gate processes for rapid “productizing”
  • Utilization of unexploited innovations, intellectual property rights and other intangible assets
  • Portfolio optimization through divestitures, e.g. M&A activities, spin-off and carve-out instruments

Innovation Process Engineering

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” Theodore Levitt

The internet, digitization and globalization is requiring companies to address narrower market windows and/or shorter product life-cycles and create pressure to maintain competitive advantages. In most cases, clients are not lacking ideas, but rather shortfall in realizing their innovation potential without an appropriate innovation process.

Over the last decade, several renowned, multi-industry clients have applied the PULSAR “Innovation Process Engineering” (IPE) consulting tool. The PULSAR approach entitles companies to successfully deal with the numerous numbers of ideas from inside and outside of the organisation that supports them in generating a fact-base decision-making process and a sustainable competitive advantage.

The focus of the PULSAR approach is the definition of a sustainable, non-invasive innovation process, which ranges from generation, identification, commercial analysis and implementation of inventive products and/or services. The IPE concept is based on a tool for swift, transparent evaluations and offers added-value support for any innovation structure and its operations.

The PULSAR Innovation Process Engineering includes:

  • Definition of innovation through fact-base steps
  • Setup of an innovation management structure and corresponding decision-making steps
  • Providing evaluation tools for potential of innovative ideas
  • Structuring the sources of competitive pressures. i.e. horizontal and vertical competition
  • Supporting the channelling and placements of innovations
  • Applied processes, realization and business development

Ideation Campaigning Program

In the context of the Ideation Campaigning Program, PULSAR Consulting identifies innovative products, services and business models in a series of workshops for our customers. The generated ideas will be evaluated using proven and tested evaluation tools. An experienced project team also ensures an efficient, fast and results-oriented project implementation.

The Ideation Campaigning Program is embedded in the global aligned IPE approach. The successful launch of identified innovation is ensured by means of a sustainable, long-term valid innovation process. This is pragmatic, non-invasive and acts as an innovation add-on to the existing corporate structure.

Our consultants use systematic innovation methods for idea generation and at the same time consider the market pull and technology push. To capture the external market, pull perspective, marketing and sales are integrated and extended by specific trend and lead customer workshops. The technology push perspective is covered in particular through methodological idea generation with R&D. During this procedure, there is an interaction between these two aspects. Finally, the results of the workshop series are assessed in a methodically independent circuit and provided in the form of a balanced scorecard to the presentation of the results.

PULSAR Consulting offering:

  • Designing and preparation of the ideation workshop series
  • Definition and coordination of evaluation criteria
  • Implementation of market pull and technology push workshops
  • Result evaluation supported by the PULSAR evaluation tools
  • Transfer of results in balanced score card system
  • Inference and fact-based approach to implement the winning innovation