PULSAR on quality | 3 principles that oblige

The use of external management and consulting services requires a high degree of trust. Focusing on effective solutions and a high project ROI creates business policies with added value services and quality.

PULSAR commits itself to the following three principles:


Every PULSAR partner has worked successfully for a minimum of 20 years in a leading consultancy firm, in senior management or as an independent entrepreneur. This experience is incorporated into every project as part of a systematic transfer of best practice and is then passed on to our project teams.


PULSAR partners are entrepreneurs, whose passion and professional commitment help them lead projects to success. This high level of dedication ensures that each project benefits from supervision at partner level from start to finish.


PULSAR delivers results. This means immediate ‘quick wins’, as well as delivering long-term measurable ROI from our consultancy services. On this basis, to the extent that it is done in an ethical manner, performance-based compensation models form part of PULSAR’s business model and identity. We rely on a proven internal quality processes to ensure that we achieve high-quality results.