Practice | Start-up & Fundraising

The Start Practice advises start-ups and young companies on the topics of company formation, business development, fundraising, internationalisation, company sales/exits and all other strategic topics from an independent perspective. Our work focuses on fundraising, followed by strategic partnerships and business development support.

Financing advice for young companies & Start-ups

Start-ups and young companies have to overcome a number of challenges to successfully finance their business. During the set-up and growth phase, questions on different financing opportunities tend to take priority for entrepreneurs, often at the expense of daily operational activities.

Successfully securing financing and capital increase is a complex and extremely time-consuming undertaking, which generally takes at least six months. Furthermore, it requires a network of banks, venture capital firms, business angels, private equity funds, strategic investors and, family offices, in order to guarantee a successful process.

Moreover, the financing process leading up to success requires all those involved to draft term sheets, establish company valuations and approach investors accordingly, among others. Whilst multi-tasking on managing queries, meetings and general coordination.

PULSAR Consulting supports clients through the whole process and maximises the realisation of securing an attractive financing package due to the professional experience provided by its PULSAR partners.

  • Advice and support relating to investor strategy and public relations etc.
  • Drafting and revision of business plans
  • Drafting and revision of investor documents
  • Support with or takeover of entire financing process, including approach and management expectations of investors
  • Support with company valuation
  • Support and assistance with negotiation of LOIs, term sheets and investment contracts
  • Support and assistance with due diligence
  • Legal support including drafting of all relevant documents within the context of a financing process provided by a specialised team of legal and tax advisers

Business Building & Internationalisation

Innovative ideas need special care and attention in order to grow and develop rapidly into a successful business. Developing the right business model and sales strategy takes experience and time as well as a great network and direct contacts to decision makers. Resources that founders usually don’t have in the beginning!

To spend their time wisely, founders should mainly focus on research and development and how to optimize the product or service. They should only spend times on business development and sales when they are directly talking to important customers.

PULSAR Consulting supports startups and young companies through the whole process of developing a business model and sales strategy on a national or international level as well as winning strategic partnerships and closing major contracts to significantly boost own revenues or to increase the chance to raise money from investors.

  • Optimisation of existing and development of new business models
  • Development and implementation of a national or international sales strategy
  • Active sales support, particularly in the B2B area, including the introduction of relevant top decision-makers in medium-sized businesses and large companies
  • Support in the identification and conclusion of strategic partnerships
  • Support in networking with associations, relevant organisations and political lobbying
  • Development and implementation of an internationalization strategy for China, Middle East and North Africa
  • Establishment and development of international subsidiaries incl. legal advice
  • Support in the identification and management of international supplier partnerships