Practice | Restructuring & Processes

PULSAR Consulting´s commitment to Business Efficiency provides solutions for a sustainable profitability of companies. In our understanding, Business Efficiency is a key issue of the Management Board to increase the shareholders’ value and to cope with regulatory requirements in highly competitive markets. The foundations for this approach are clear and manageable strategic guidelines aligned with business processes and organisational structures.

Corporate Health Check

The Corporate Health Check module is flexible designed towards different types of organisations.

A methodical fact-based and judgement approach is applied to secure the desired realisation for the firm’s ROIC:

  • Identify the current strategy
  • Appraise and diagnose firm´s performance
  • Analyse industry and market competitiveness
  • Analyse the firm´s resources and capabilities
  • Formulate strategy
  • Implement strategy
  • Strategy performance reviews

A Corporate Health Check from identification to formulation of strategy(s) can be undertaken within 90 days. Whilst implementation and performance reviews, are subject to the type of strategy(s).


Acting in close cooperation with shareholders and management, PULSAR is defining value and cost drivers and financial management for critical and immediate business success:

  • Analyses of challenges, value/cost drivers and strategic positioning
  • Defining and implementation of an action plan for financial sustainable optimisation
  • Effective management restructuring


The need to restructure could be associated with the loss of competitive advantage, which may require near-term resolutions from external stakeholders. For example, consider the case of financial capital; a firm represents an internal capital market: the corporate allocating capital between the different businesses through the capital expenditure budget.

“Which is more efficient, the internal capital markets of companies or the external capital market?”.

Companies have two key advantages:

By maintaining a balanced portfolio of cash generating and cash using businesses, firms can avoid the costs of using the external markets, including the margin between borrowing and lending rates and the heavy cost of issuing new debt and equity Companies have better access to information on the financial prospects of their businesses than that typically available to external financiers.

PULSAR Partner are well versed in resolving critical business situations:

  • Analyse root causes of problems, value and cost drivers and review the strategic position(s)
  • Defining and implementing an action plan for emergency measures and sustainable lawful financial optimisation measures
  • Protection of the interests of the shareholders and lenders
  • Operational implementation of crisis management (project management, controlling) and immediate management support by the PULSAR Chief restructuring officer
  • Managing communication and expectations with shareholders, lenders, trade credit insurers, etc.
  • Development of analytical conceptual foundations in the field of S6 expertise
  • Creating a proactive organisational environment for crisis prevention management measures

Business Forensic Advisory

The PULSAR Consulting Forensic Team helps to analyze, describe and structure complex matters according to legal, commercial and technical aspects, in order to facilitate, simplify and successfully shape legal reappraisals. Processing of complex issues.

Triggers for forensic investigations:

  • Compliance violations
  • Processing of specific triggers in insolvency proceedings
  • Due Diligence in the context of M&A
  • Arbitration

Compliance Violations:

  • Analysis: Violations: Who? What? When? Where?
  • Inclusion: Scope for damage, credibility of sources, evidence retention for legal processing
  • Framework: Addressee, informational requirements, legal evaluation
  • Planning: Team in the company, technology, data sources from accounting, business communication and further business processes
  • Internal Investigation: Working hypothesis; employee interviews
  • Result: Processing the facts and conclusions

Processing of specific triggers in insolvency proceedings:

  • Clarification of registered insolvency claims in quantitative and qualitative terms
  • Recovery of assets and opportunities to accumulate insolvency estate
  • Preparation to enforce outstanding claims of the insolvent company
  • Obtaining background information to clarify the liability situation of the former managing directors/central institutions of the corporatio

M&A processes:

  • Obtaining and requesting relevant information
  • Analysis and structuring of this data under commercial, technical and legal aspects
  • Provision of data in the form of Sales-Due-Diligence to the various interested parties
  • Incorporation of the relevant data in the contracts as necessary and depending on the results of the negotiations
  • Support with purchase and purchase price decision-making
  • Warranty provisos

Arbitration proceedings:

  • Analysis of the contractual situation in commercial, technical and legal terms
  • Obtaining further useful information
  • Securing documents
  • Quantifying damage and assisting in the development of proposals to resolve the dispute
  • Procurement and requirement

Each analysis is specific to the company and thereby individual. Only the traceability of the information on the participants and the underlying facts enable a later legal review.